♦ 11 December 2016 ♦

Heart sHeart sHeart s Big congratulation to Brita & Kathrine Schjervheim with DK Sakeena's Aston Martin, who was BIS yesterday in Norway - Thanks for showing him to perfection Heart sHeart sHeart s

space single
♦ 4 December 2016 ♦

Thanks to everybody for a lovely show in Herlev

smile s It was such a pleasure to be steward at Marteinn Tausen because all excibitors where so well organized thanks Hug s Annette Søndergaard you are just amazing our car was full of gifts for the BIS cats we could hardly be in the car Heart s 3 Im so PROUD of my sweet gentle boy Jealous Guy who always takes the shows playfull and happy even though he rarely goes to shows Heart sLove sCat s

  • IC DK Sakeena's Jealous Guy - CAGCIB, NOM, BIS
  • DK Sakeena's Lotus Elite - NOM, BIV (Sat) BIV (Sun) in Sweden
  • CH DK Sakeena's Antaoine de Saint-Exuréry - CACIB, NOM (Sat) CACIB (Sun) in Sweden
  • DK Sakeena's Triumph Spitfire -  Ex2
  • DK Sakeena's Jensen Interceptor - Ex3
  • DK Shadowpaw's Wycliff - Ex2

Thanks Mie Vejlø for helping with Jensen Heart s Thanks Monica Kiefer for handling Guy in the panel to perfection Heart s Thanks Camilla Vingaard Hansen, Dorthe & Thomas Bondesen, Charlotte Christel Jønsson for helping in many ways Heart s


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