I got enchanted by these beautiful cats in 1994. A few years later my mother Lone Elkington with the cattery DK Elkington joined my interest for breeding and showing. So it's a family hobby, where my youngest daughter of three, joins me on shows. The oldest ones has flown from the nest.

My dream is to breed strong typed cats with excellent temper. I like the Norwegian forest cat to be very well defined in their lines. A triangular head with straight sidelines and a long straight profile that is high and rounded in the top. I like the ears to be relatively big and broad in the base ending pointed with small tuffs. I like the classic expression that shows an alert cat with wildness in the eyes.

The cats and kittens are a part of the family and grow up handled by children.

As I thoroughly plan every litter I don't make so many litters a year.

I show as often as it is possible but having a busy everyday life with full time job and a child at school, I show close to where we live in Copenhagen and sometimes Sweden.

For me breeding is also a very social "thing". I could not do this alone and I really appreciate to work with other breeders and make plans across countries. So if you ever come across a good plan that I can help with or we can do a good combination with your cats and my cats, please don't hesitate to ask me if it could be possible.

I think in this way we can keep the gene pole big and strong if we work together.